Your fiance may propose that you accompany her father fishing during the holiday week.  Your girlfriends think that you and her father ought to know each other better by doing an activity such as fishing together. The challenge is you have no idea of any fishing gear, and you want to make an impression about your knowledge on fishing gear to your future father in law. This guideline will try to teach you the various fly fishing gear and hopeful by the time you go fishing you will appear to be well informed. 

 The process of catching fishing by luring them into eating an artificial fly on a hook is what is known as fly fishing. The various fly fishing gear is. 

 The fishing gear at is made up of a metallic or wooden long thin stick which is referred to as the fly rod. Fishing rods come in different lengths, giving you a chance to choose a fishing rod with the length most suitable for you. 

 You should also be aware of the fly line, which is the thread like line attaching the hook and the rod.  The fly line will strain which is what notifies the fisher man of successful catching of the fish.  The fly line is used to pull the fish on the shore or the fishing boat. 

Fly reel.  Most of the past fly fishing was very manual with just the FlyRods, line and hook.  The manual fishing required a person to use their all strength to get the fish to the shore or on the boat.  The road would become inefficient in case of capturing a big fish; therefore, the fishermen opted to use the fly line.  To minimize the effort required in fly fishing there have been a development of a fly reel.  The reel is basically a fishing machine which is meant to make work easier.  The fly line spin around the pivot reducing its length with every spin, thereby pulling the fish from the waters into the fishing boat.  

 The fly line at the end thrown into the waters is a u-shaped steel curve. The fly hook is the bait and the hook will dig into the flesh of the fish making it unable to spit the fly or escape. Check out this website at and learn more about fly fishing. 

 Look even more experienced in fishing equip yourself with fishing clothes for example gloves, boots, waterproof shirt and pants. This are protective wear against fishing related injuries and also prevent you from water reaching your body.  


 Going fishing is likely to become your leisure activity, if you are knowledgeable of the exercise and the weather is conducive.